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On or about September 27th 1961 over a thousand boys aged approximately between 15 and 16 travelled  from all over the country, indeed some from British military bases abroad, to RAF Stations Cosford, Hereford and St Athan to begin training in their chosen disciplines under the Boy Entrant Scheme as members of the 44th Entry. After 18 months intensive training they were then posted to their first operational units and eventually served all around the world with great distinction during the dangerous period of the Cold War. Many went on to achieve Senior NCO rank and some were also commissioned. However, none forgot the fact that they were Boy Entrants and belonged to the Glorious 44th Entry. This site is dedicated to finding as many  boys as possible so as to provide a base around which they can trace past comrades and reminisce over past events in true comradeship and, should they wish, join the RAF Boy Entrants Association.


My grateful thanks go to all the many members of the Glorious 44th Entry who have contributed stories, photographs and memorabilia for use on this site. Copyright to all photographs remain with the originators.


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The Glorious 44th Entry Reunion held over August 1st and 2nd, 2014 at the Kegworth Hotel, Derbyshire.


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